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In the heart of the jungle

A space that will make your retreat a magical and unforgettable experience.

About Kaxan
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In the heart of the jungle, 15 mins from Tulum, a space which will make your Retreat a magical and unforgettable experience….

KAXAN (ka-sh-an) in the Mayan language means to look for and also to find. In the antique Mayan culture they used the word to find instead of to look for. If we pay attention, this has a simple and profound wisdom...

To find instead of to look for!

The spirit of Kaxan is precisely this, a place to find oneself again and to renew one’s connection with Mother Earth and with the real sense of life:
Love and Happiness

About us

About Us

Catherine & Carlos

We met in a Temazcal ceremony in 2016. From there, a friendship was created where we discovered that we shared many interests in common.
One of them being the benefit of spending time in nature, since we both had spent long periods of our lives in large cities.

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Both of us had realized that spending time in diverse natural spaces such as mountains, jungle, desert, sea, made us feel good. We were both able to experiment how nature’s energy took us out of the illusory reality in which we generally lived in. We could feel how all of the stress, mental and physical tension dissipated almost immediately. This brought us to experiment a state of peace, presence, connection and unity with Mother Earth. Coinciding in the effect of the nature’s medicine impulsed us to develop our project of opening a place where people could experience all of these benefits.

It was then, that the jungle of Tulum opened itself to us. We found in this environment the ideal space to integrate diverse alternative therapies such as the Temazcal, the use of herbal medicine, organic food, practices such as meditation, contemplation and yoga, to enrich and deepen our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. It was marvelous how in the end we were able to recognize that this path of sharing and serving was our path ...

It was already written for us ...

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My connection with Mother Earth started as a child talking to the plants, trees and animals in the remote countryside of Belgium. Being an only child, I spent my days playing in the fields and woods, connecting with nature in a very profound manner.

In 2001, on my first trip to Tulum, I had a strong calling that I was where I was supposed to be. A few years later, I left the city life and successful career as a fashion advertisement photo producer in Los Angeles, California, for a more simple and fulfilling life.
In 2007 I built and opened a condo - hotel in Tulum town, where in that moment our street was a dirt road and there was no electricity. Villas Geminis Boutique Hotel is a small oasis in the middle of the town, 7 mins from the beach, which was made with a lot of love, where people are received and treated as if they were at home ... The interaction with the guests and sharing with them the true essence of Tulum has been a very enriching experience. I had a vision that I was sharing with people

in a holistic space and from there my true purpose started to unveil...

I started studying herbalism with the medicinal plants, native to the Mayan region, assisting medicinal and spiritual ceremonies and learning to share the magic and medicine of the Temazcal. Observing and connecting with our teachers, the trees, plants, animals, elements, and all beings, I remembered the essence of life, going back to our roots with a sensation of belonging and peace, being one with our Mother Nature.

My purpose is service, sharing the medicine of Mother Earth and of our ancestors, so people open up to connect with their essence and find the path to their own healing.


The path of a healer or chaman is, at first the path of self-knowledge, from a profound observation of oneself and of the totality, to them recognize and activate the necessary tools to accompany others in their process of healing.

I learned the magic and medicine from the Mexica (Aztec)tradition, from the dancers, medicine men, herbalists and temazkaleros. From the Huicholes (Wixárikas) with whom I lived and shared during some time, I learned their tradition and the use of peyote, a medicinal plant. Chamanism is a mission, a service, to accompany someone who is looking to heal his or her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, finding deeper meaning of one’s life

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